Court Ordered Classes are court approved Divorce / Separation Program classes
Court Ordered Classes are court approved Divorce / Separation Program classes

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Established in 2007 we are the first and only court accepted program to offer live video group sessions. We have no hidden fees or costs. No registration fees. Each of our students, upon registration, will receive a "Proof of Enrollment" without any additional paperwork costs. Our Divorce / Separation Courses are all in a Classroom Environment from the comfort of your home.


Those Judges that are familiar with us know how our classes work and the participation level required to complete them,  that is why we are able to provide our programs in 99% of the cities on those lists below. That is the same reason that the judges, officers or social workers that have reviewed us do not consider our Divorce / Separation Program as on-line classes but as classroom classes. Each participant will be assigned an individual case manager, and, upon completion of our program, will receive a "Certificate of Completion" again without any additional fees.

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Divorce / Separation
Satisfy your State and County required Divorce or Separation class. Our program has proved to be the best nationwide at making you partners in raising and parenting your children for the rest of your lives. This class is a State approved Divorce and Separation Program and is ideal for court requirements. Often it is difficult to attend court ordered divorce classes due to travel distances, busy schedules, and most other life commitments. These online courses allow you to learn the same tools as our "in-person" classes but in a low-stress, convenient, well thought, affordable and self paced environment. How it Works.

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What is divorce education and why is there a need? As the number of family-related court filings has risen over the years, families have increasingly relied on the courts to resolve family law issues and problems including child custody, visitation, child support, paternity, emergency protective orders, and restraining orders. In our society, divorce is a common event. The National Center for Health Statistics indicated that 43% of first marriages end in separation or divorce within 15 years. In an effort to help family members cope with divorce, judges are increasingly requiring parents to attend programs to make them more aware of the impact of divorce on children. These programs give families exposure to information and skills that may ultimately lead to a reduction in the number of disputes that require a court’s intervention. Most importantly, by requiring divorcing parents to attend these programs, the courts are making a statement to the community that “children matter”! Divorce education programs are being treated as a “first line of defense”. It is estimated that up to a million children a year across the country will experience the impact of divorce.

Divorce often creates or complicates problems for parents and children. Parents are faced with the difficulties of handling their own physical, emotional, social and financial needs while, at the same time, helping their children adjust to the changes in their life. Some parents fail to recognize just how significant and upsetting these changes may be for children. Yet, it is possible to focus on positive adjustment to divorce. Positive adjustment involves being relatively free of signs and symptoms of physical or mental illness; being able to function adequately in the daily role responsibilities of home, family, work, and leisure; and having developed an independent identity that is not tied to martial status or the ex-spouse.

Divorce education programs are being developed around the country to help parents assist their children through this process. There are a 1000 + such programs operating in the United States, some of these programs offer on-line courses, which meet the court approved national standard. These programs vary in course length, cost, skills-based and information-based, but, all of which focus on reducing a child’s anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems; recognizing parental conflict and how conflict impacts a child’s development; communicating effectively; responding appropriately to children’s divorce related concerns; and changing long-term roles from ex-spouses to co-parenting relationships. Divorce education programs according to research are more effective when a children’s component has been included in the curriculum. It is essential to address issues for both the children and the parents.


More than half of United States judicial circuits have some form of Divorce Education that is mandated by the local circuit courts. During the Divorce progress report hearings, if any, there is sincere interchange between the Court and respondent. Good progress is always positively reinforced directly by the Court. Poor performance is negatively reinforced in various ways, ranging from verbal admonishment to incarceration. Progress report materials for the Court’s consideration include written reports from the treatment providers and written reports from the probation officer.

Once again, Court Ordered Classes provides the Officer or legal representative, along with the Court, Proof of Enrollment and Progress Reports for all of our enrolled Divorce class participants.

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Divorce / Separation Anger Management DEJ Online Classes Approved by NAADAC
Court Ordered Classes is an agency member of the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAAPP). view

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