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Although our classes are done on-line we are not categorized as an on-line program. We are registered as an "At-Home" Court Program Provider and guarantee court acceptance or your money back.

Probation Approved Domestic Violence Anger Management BIP Courses
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Probation Approved Domestic Violence Anger Management BIP Courses
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Nationally Certified accepted Court Programs
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We've had thousands of Satisfied Customers from virtually every State in the union. Here are just a few of the many testimonials we have received from happy customers.

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"Wonderful Option. It is a live Video Classroom so it was perfect for me and satisfied the courts request. God Bless them."
         Gerri G.,  San Diego, CA
"These classes were a great help to me moving forward in the right direction in my life....but you went out of your way to make sure that I met my deadline...I would recommend this course to anyone who is dealing with an anger or domestic problem."
         Nelson C. McIntosh, Al
"I couldn't believe how great you were to work with!! I had procrastinated until the last minute and had a 48 hour deadline...but you went out of your way to make sure that I met my deadline...thanks to your course, my case was dismissed. My attorney said he will recommend your course to all of his clients."
         A.C. Huston, TX
I have found peace in my life due to the tools I learned in COC... I am a better person today than I was 52 Classes ago! ... I got my life back in order. My marriage is better. I feel better about myself and about life... Court Ordered Classes saved my life. They gave me my life back. I am no longer a ... “Angry Monster” that flies off the handle over everything! ... Thank You Court Ordered Classes!
         T.W. Laguna Beach, CA
"This arrest was the worst thing that ever happened to me. My wife left with the kids to her mothers and I was in the middle of a divorce. I had a court case as well. Thank GOD I found Court Ordered Classes. My wife and I came to an agreement that if we I these classes we would try to make our marriage work (3 kids all under 6). The Judge also ordered 52 weeks of classes...... Thank you guys all over there. If you need classes then these are the people and program to commit to. It has made us much better people, for ourselves and for one another."
         C.M., Chattanooga, TN
"My brother, who has anger and drug problems, had gotten into court trouble. He broke up a bar intoxicated and was sentenced to diversion classes and anger management classes. I called the Court Ordered Classes office and they helped me so much. Its hard not having anyone and the people at Court Ordered Classes knew exactly how I feel and helped my brother take care of his court matters.

I believe he has learned something because during the last 4 months he has been so good, so nice, and controlling his anger so well. He hasn't drank also during that time, I pray to God this continues. I am very happy from what he has learned from Court Ordered Classes and now the court has dismissed his case due to the completion of his program. They deserve the time it takes to praise them.

Thank You Court Ordered Classes, I wish that I will never have to come to you again, but if anyone ever needs your help I will certainly refer them to you.."
         A.G. Atlanta, GA
"Court Ordered Classes is truly an excellent program. The tools I gained and the story’s that they use are extremely relatable and really do help in ones journey of taking a step back and realizing what anger can do to relationships and the people around you. Not to mention they have an amazing staff that was very responsive and open to help with any questions I had the whole process. I would definitely recommend Court Ordered Classes to anyone looking to gain more knowledge about anger management and ways to prevent it."
         Colbin L.,  Denver, CO
"The high conflict parenting course was very helpful. I was in that situation and this course allowed me to see things from another perspective and take everyone’s feelings into consideration. This allowed me and my ex to come up with a logical and non conflict parenting plan that not only worked for us but for the child. We were not able to achieve this without these classes. The classes are ready for you to take on your own time and someone is also available for you if you need help. I highly recommend this class."
         Liz R.,  Vacaville, CA

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