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Providing both Court Accepted and Educational Therapy Sessions at a quarter of the price as "in-office" therapists since 2018. Our certified, licensed and experienced mental health counselors can provide support for a wide range of issues. Our therapists and counselors have specific expertise in areas such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, trauma, and family or couples counseling... just naming a few.


As low as $119 for an hour live webcasted sessions with a certified therapist.

Individual Couples and Family Therapy

Individual, Couples & Family Therapy Sessions

Clients can pay as they go, once a week or sooner, or get up to a 20% discount if they pay for the program upfront. (court orders may have parameters limiting to only once a week.)

As low as $119 per session

Court Ordered Programs, Inc. is not only a nationally recognized accepted court program provider but their WebCasted Educational System has been at the forefront of At-Home Therapy and Intervention provider since 2007 with a network of facilitators and therapist that have more experience then all others combined and multiplied. Because of this, we can offer live webcasted sessions with a certified therapist at a fraction of the cost of other dedicated counseling sites. Much better results too. Court Ordered Classes (our webcasted school site) is in our 17th year with now over 13,650 clients.

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WebCasted Therapy Sessions

Our WebCasted Session often referred to as “Teletherapy” involves virtual interaction between our Therapist and the client, typically with the use of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. While other therapy providers offer Live Session Therapy at about $300 an hour in 30 minute increments, we know that it takes a while to settle and get started with Teletherapy Sessions so we provide full 1 hour (60 minute) sessions at a fraction of the price, As Low as $119 per hour session. Our Services include Tons of reading materials and questionnaires for our clients in our library. A dedicated Student Liaison and a Dedicated Court Liaison (if they are court ordered). Mental health care can be delivered in a live, interactive setting.


In general, teletherapy sessions work exactly the same as traditional therapy. Clients schedule individually with a therapist for a live video appointment. Clients should plan ahead and prepare just as they would for an in-person session. If it is your first appointment, be sure to have relevant records and information available, including prescriptions, and a list of questions to address. Teletherapy also includes our mental health specialists supporting clients’ primary care providers (if need be) with their consultation and expertise.

In addition to one-on-one therapy sessions, teletherapy can also be used to deliver other types of counseling. We also offer Couples and Family Therapy and Counseling. Just like our Webcasted Therapy for an individual, clients can use video communication technology to meet as a family or couple, to take part in therapist-mediated sessions. These sessions are conducted just as they would be if everyone were together in the same room.

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